A warm welcome and soft landing in Copenhagen

When my husband and I moved to Copenhagen for his job with UNHCR, we had the very good fortune to meet Helle and benefit from her caring help in so many ways.  

After talking about our budget, distance to the office, needs, wants, etc., Helle went through the available properties that met our critera, contacted the owners or agents, scheduled showings and drove me to the properties.  She worked with us to find what was in our best interests and listened to what we wanted and helped us to find options we didn’t know existed.  When dealing with owners and agents, Helle always had our best interests at heart and negotiated lower rents or advised us if she felt a property was over-priced.

We found a lovely property but it fell through when the landlords delayed about signing the lease and Helle advised us to withdraw because the owners kept procrastinating.  The next day Helle had several properties lined up to see and the day after that we found the home that we are now renting … it is even better than the first property!

In addition to all of this, Helle helped us to get public transport passes and acted as a cultural interpreter / guide for innumerable things from where to find fresh cut flowers, to how to find good quality household goods and furniture, to which grocery stores carry the most organic products, to how to find items on the Danish “blue pages” an online site where Danes sell and buy things and much more.

We have moved ten times in the last 20 years and this move has been the easiest and most enjoyable in large part due to Helle’s cheerful, considerate and generous help.  For us, Helle embodies all the best Danish qualities … hard working, professional, trustworthy, caring, generous and kind.  It has been wonderful to work with her to find our home here in Denmark and to count her as our friend.

Debbie Falk and Brad Henderson

Iconographer  –  Transfiguration Icons

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  • Iroda siger:

    When I moved to Copenhagen for my job, it was all very stressful to find my way around on top of working hours and to look for a place. I used to move a lot and I know well how painfully difficult it can be. So I was very anxious. And then I met Helle through recommendations. She was like a ray of sunshine, like a wonder woman. She made my life so easy and she accommodated all my whims to find a perfect home, even negotiated with the landlords all the facilities and prices for me. A real wonder woman!

    I found the best flat I could possibly find in this beautiful city, very happy with it and can’t emphasise enough that there would be no chance for me to find this place without Helle’s help. Free of charge things you can also get from her are: amazing sense of humour – I was laughing the whole time I spent with her, calming and soothing energy, which kept my anxiety in check with the whole move thing and a very positive and shiny personality.

    I really liked her as a person and as a professional!


  • Monica Folch siger:

    We just moved to Copenhagen six weeks ago and it seems we’ve been here for months !!! Everything has gone very smoothly and this is in great part thanks to Helle.

    When we knew we were moving from France to Denmark last March, someone gave us her contact. We explained her what we were looking for and very quickly she came back to us with some very interesting options. At the beginning of April, we signed up for one house that was very close to the school.

    However, in mid July while we were on holidays, the owners of the house wrote us saying that unluckily they were coming back to Denmark earlier than expected, actually in October. We were just about to move to their house beginning of August!!

    We immediately called Helle again as we wanted to find another house straight away in order to avoid two moves in three months. She was so reactive and helpful!! There was not so much left on the market since everyone seemed to be on holidays in Danemark but she did a great job finding us another house in just two weeks!!! We signed up for a lovely house withouth having seen it as there was no time to fly to Danemark, visit houses and organize the move from France at the same time. We fully relied on her feedback and impressions. And we must say that the final choice couldn’t have been better!! The happy end of this very stressful period is that we ended up finding a bigger and better located house than the first one for the same price!.

    If we had to move again here in Danemark (which I hope is not going to happen for the coming years) I would definitely call her again. Helle is very well connected, she has a good understanding of what your needs are, she’s incredibly good at negotiating, and what is more important she is a cheerful, trustworthy, highly professional and caring person. We have been really lucky!!

  • Sawako siger:

    The experience to work with Helle was one of the most wonderful things upon my arrival to Copenhagen.

    I moved to Copenhagen because of my job. Before moving to this city, I was told that it was very difficult to find proper apartments in Copenhagen. I had started to look into apartments and contact some landlord before coming to here. No positive answers so far.

    On the first day of my arrival, my supervisor introduced me to Helle. I had listed up my preference and she listed up some apartments carefully and considerably. Amazingly, she quickly understood my taste and suggested fancy apartments.

    On the first day of our ‘apartment hunting tour’, I could find MY HOME in Copenhagen. This was absolutely beyond my expectation.

    She is also very good at customer care. She showed me some tips to live in Copenhagen such as nice restaurants, supermarkets, and security information.

    Without her support, I could not start my life here so smoothly. I strongly recommend her when you look for nice and cozy place to live in Copenhagen.

    Best way to live your best life in Copenhagen!

    Doumo arigatou!! Thank you very much!! Mange tak!!!


  • Hilde siger:

    I contacted Helle a Saturday. Already the next day she wrote me back and we had an appointment. 10 days later I had rented a lovely house. We spent one day together where she brought me to see 13, or maybe 14 houses. Far more visits than I would have managed to organise myself. And she shared her knowledge about the areas we drove through. It was a pleasant way to find and visit houses and I was not stressed as I had imagined. I will ask her again!

  • Ian siger:

    Dear Helle,

    Thanks again for all your help, and the time you spent with me last week. It really was good to see all the neighborhoods you took me through and visit all those houses – it would not have been possible by myself!

  • Jackie siger:

    When I moved to Copenhagen in early 2015, I was very nervous about having to look for a place to live that I can call home… After arriving in this amazing city, I realized there were many reason to be nervous; looking for a house in a city like this, can be one of the worst nightmares you can have… You don’t know the city, you don’t understand how it works, how far things are, and you are not even able to read a label in the supermarket if you don’t know Danish, Norwegian or Swedish…

    For those coincidences of life and thanks to Debbie, I had the fortune to meet Helle. She, more than a real estate agent became a friend. Someone who understands your needs, have patience, defend your interests and fight to find the perfect place for you. She is absolutely caring and accommodate your budget with the different possibilities this city offers and the most important thing, what you really want. After having agreed the kind of place I wanted, she took me around the city to visit different options until we found the perfect home! Yes, we did! 🙂

    I am very grateful and is a blessing to have met her. I absolutely recommend her services and support to anyone moving to Copenhagen. It will make a difference in your life.

    Thank you Dear Helle!

  • Stine siger:

    Looking for the right new home in Denmark while you still have a busy life in another country is very stressful and not easy at all. Helle became my rescue in this process and with her good feeling for what exactly is important for me in regards to my new home, it turned out to be some exciting 2 weeks with plenty of housing opportunities that I could not have searched for myself. Helle works very committed to her task and is so joyful at the same time and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is about to do an international relocation to Denmark.

  • Laura siger:

    Helle has been really wonderful.
    She has been extremely helpful, fast, professional, she clearly knows the market, and she is so nice and kind and helped us with many other extra little things and advice beyond finding us a home.
    We arrived about a month ago but we had started corresponding already beforehand and as we landed she had already put together a list of places to visit based on our requirements, and this weekend we are moving into our new beautiful apartment! We simply could not have done this without her, she made it so much easier and fun!
    I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is moving to Denmark.

  • Shardul siger:

    I met Helle at very stressful point of my stay in Denmark. My lease period was ending and there was no alternate arrangement in sight. There was no possibility of extending that lease either. For an individual, this can be stressful. For a small family with a 5-yr old child, it is harrowing!

    When we first spoke with Helle on the phone and emails, she was so calm that we didn’t know whether she understood the seriousness of our situation. But as we went along, I realized that not only did she understand it well but her calm demeanor eased our panic and anxiety.

    What is great about Helle is that she genuinely cares about her clients. Something many companies and service providers don’t do. Despite the limited time, she found few leads and got us a nice apartment just in time. Helle not only solved our housing problem but also relieved us of the stress of hunting for a house.

    I would absolutely recommend Helle to anyone looking for a place to make their home. I know I will go back to her next time I’m looking for a new place.

  • Zahra Smith siger:

    Helle is AMAZING!

    I stumbled across Helle’s website when my boyfriend and I were looking for apartments about a week after we moved to Copenhagen. After meeting with Helle, I knew she would be the perfect person to help us get settled. Not only is Helle professional, she is knowledgable about the industry, well connected and genuine. Within days Helle presented some great options and we found an amazing apartment after looking at a few places. Helle even negotiated on our behalf to reduce the rent and walked us through the entire rental contract process. Helle was genuinely interested in making sure we were comfortable and was able to provide tips on restaurant, shopping, parking rules among many others.

    I would highly recommend Helle as she made our transition so much smoother. I could not have imagined we would have such a great apartment without her expertise. Thanks again Helle, you are the best!

  • Giedrius siger:

    The service I received from Helle was excellent.

    This applies to the process of searching for a house, contractual agreements, translation of tenancy contract, orientation tour around and much more. Approachable, friendly, great communication, always keeping you informed of processes.

    Thanks to Helle relocation to me and my family went without any trouble.

    I feel confident to recommend Helle services. Customers can be sure that everything is taken care of at all times and will be completed to the highest standard.


  • Victoria siger:

    I first contacted Helle at the beginning of October, during a quite stressful period of looking for rental accommodation. Within two weeks, Helle had found an apartment that perfectly suited my needs and budget. Throughout the whole process, I found Helle to be extremely helpful and kind, and an invaluable source of advice and knowledge about the Danish housing market. She took care of everything from arranging inspections, to negotiating with the landlord and translating contract documents. I would absolutely recommend Helle to anyone needing help with their relocation – thanks so much!!

  • Bob, Aline and Tomas siger:

    When we arrived to Denmark, we received the contact of Helle through colleagues who previously worked with her in finding a suitable house. At the beginning, we were a little skeptical about hiring the services of a “middle-woman” to help us find our house. However being pressured in time, we thought of giving it a try and we definitely did not regret our decision…
    Helle works very professionally, efficiently and has a personalized approach. Less than 24 hours after we described to Helle our preferences and expectations , she had already emailed us several housing options featured with clear descriptions and pictures. Additionally we were always offered to conduct a home visit on times that accommodated our work schedule. Our feedback was always duly considered and we only received suitable options in the price category we had set.
    One week after our first encounter with Helle, we had signed our lease to a “perfect for us” apartment !
    Not only did Helle provide suitable accommodation for us, she also helped us by putting us in contact with the local authorities in order to enlist our 1 year old child in daycare. She assisted us in translating and submitting our applications forms even though she absolutely did not have to.
    In short, Helle helped us tremendously is making Copenhagen our home. Thanks for everything, Helle

  • Miho siger:

    Helle is naturally warm and kind. It radiates from her, which made me feel safe instantly when she greeted me at Copenhagen airport.

    But Helle’s excellent customer care has started when I sent a first email to her few days before my arrival. She immediately responded and the next day, she had already sent me a detailed “house hunt plan”!

    For three days, I visited 10 properties and Helle quickly sensed my preference. When she noticed something worrisome in properties (which may not be obvious for someone like myself who has no idea about Danish housing), she gave me honest insights. I was assured that Helle was there to represent my interest 100%.

    Thanks to her, I could find my new home within 3 days. It couldn’t have been more easier!

    Moreover, Helle helped me shop a massive amount of essential household stuff, a bed and glossaries when I moved to the apartment so that I could immediately started a new life comfortably. I can’t thank her enough.

    Tusind Tak!!!!

  • Tal siger:

    Dear Helle,
    We cannot thank you enough for this past week when we looked together for the right place for us in Copenhagen.
    You were kind, patient, always with a smile, devoted and highly motivated to take us to all the apartments and houses in the market that fitted our family needs, so we can have all the information needed for to get the right decision.
    It seemed that you are really thinking about us and trying to understand the inner wishes, obligations and needs our family has while looking for a place to live.
    You are one of a kind and we don’t think we could have done it without you!
    We feel grateful for finding you.
    Can’t wait to have you for dinner in our new apartment by the lake,
    Tal and Shiran

  • Dan siger:

    Not sure where we’d be without Find Your Home!

    My family and I have had a very positive experience with the services offered by Helle Gade Henrichsen from Find Your Home. We learned over a year ago that we would be moving to Copenhagen in 2017 and made an initial foray last July to see the city. On the recommendation of another family that had recently moved, we met up with Helle one morning, and she spent a couple of hours driving us around the different parts of town and building an understanding of our housing needs over a Danish pastry or three. Fast forward to January of this year, when she helped find the perfect temporary accommodation for myself for a few months before the family move, and then to March-May when the search was on for a suitable family house. The market is difficult just now, with very few decent properties coming up, and quite frankly I do not know where we would have ended up without Helle’s hard work and persistence in checking out new places on a virtual daily basis. Moreover, Helle is highly professional and a lovely person, which made the (potentially stressful) task of finding our home (almost) stress-free! We have now found a lovely house just where we hoped for, and will be moving in a few weeks’ time.
    Thank you Helle!!

  • Elliot siger:

    Helle has been a pillar of knowledge and support through the most difficult period of my relocation to Denmark. She will not be outworked and she knows the local systems and the best ways of navigating them with outstanding success. It took only 2 days before I had an offer for a magnificent apartment which I accepted. Helle’s expertise extends to many other parts of living in Denmark, from internet regulations, through to the best advice for financial decisions and negotiations.

    I would not ever hesitate in recommending Helle’s services to anyone else in my position. She is the most trustworthy and honest person I have had the pleasure of dealing with.


  • Jean-Francois siger:

    Helle did a great job in helping us finding a place. For foreigners arriving in Denmark it is very difficult to find your way on the market and she was able to quickly understand our needs and show us (many) relevant places within our budget.
    A very supportive and helpful service as we saved time and she also helped us with the utilities contracts (electricity, gas, etc…).
    Thank you very much Helle !

  • Federico siger:

    If you are moving to Copenhagen, or you are simply thinking about changing home, contracting the services of findyourhome.dk is the best and smartest thing you can do! Helle is amazing: kind, funny, results-oriented and great negotiator. And, most of all, she’s always taking care of your best interests. She says that the most important part of her job is having her clients satisfied, living in a place where they can be happy. And she really means it! Without Helle, my first days in the city would have been stressful. But thanks to her, arranging all the visits to the apartments, negotiating with the landlords, reviewing the terms of the lease, informing me about the rules and the habits, and constantly providing tips and asking for my impressions, these first days had been a funny adventure. Where I could focus on the most important part of the story: find a nice place where to live.
    Do not consider contracting the services of findyourhome.dk as a cost. It is an investment! From an economic point of view, but especially for your physical and psychological well-being in Copenhagen! Federico (Italy)

  • William siger:

    I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that Helle is absolutely amazing at her job. From a brief conversation, she knew exactly the kind of apartment that I wanted, and took me to see a number of suitable apartments within the first week(!) of our arrangement. Helle found my perfect home within two weeks. I was very impressed – Danish people often tell me that it takes even Danes years to find the right home. Finding a place in Copenhagen is about connections, timing, and persistence. Helle performs these tasks with relatively ease, as her amazing people skills come naturally to her from her warm personality. Don’t go for an impersonal, corporate service that is only interested in securing a deal – find Helle, who finds exactly what YOU need! Highly recommended!!! William

  • Vika siger:

    When my husband and I decided to relocate to Denmark, we were introduced to Helle in September of this year about finding the right location for us and our dog. We had a chat on FaceTime about what we wanted and needed and Helle got right on the case and within a week sent us a few potential rental properties. Once we decided on our house and location, Helle took the reigns and started sorting out the lease contract and anything else which needed negotiating with the property owners.

    Helle helped us throughout the next few months with organising the internet, utilities and anything else that was needed to be done while we were out of the country. Nothing was too much trouble for her and it certainly made our lives so much easier.

    Relocating from another country can be tough especially when you have 8 hours plus time difference with limited window for a chat, this could seem impossible. Helle was available 24/7, basically whenever we needed to talk about any aspects of the rental property. She also took her time to show us the local area via FaceTime and gave us a few tips on shopping, travel and general local surroundings of our rental property.

    When I finally moved to Denmark in November this year, Helle met me at the house and made sure I was happy with everything before leaving for the day. She really made me feel welcome especially after a 12 hour flight from Japan, with tons of luggage and a very confused dog.

    A few days later, Helle showed me the local town and nearby locations for dining, shopping and travel. Helle has a wonderful sense of humour and it has been an absolute privilege to have met her and spend time with her.

    Moving from another country is never easy as there are so many things that need to be done and prepared before the actual move but Helle made it so smooth for us by going above and beyond what any estate agent would have done or could have done. She was and is a guardian angel for all those who have used her services.

    I would highly recommend Find Your Home to anyone who is looking for a professional and smooth relocation to Denmark.

    Helle, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and guidance. We couldn’t have done it without you!!!”


  • Nick & Lizzie siger:

    Helle provided the most fantastic service for us to find the perfect home for our family in Copenhagen. She worked so hard to locate as many properties as possible from sources that we would never have been able to find and then was so professional in organising viewings and negotiating with the agents. Find Your Home really is worth the investment to not only take away the challenges and stress of relocating but also to get much more for your money. Thanks

    Nick and Lizzie

  • Melissa siger:

    Working with Helle was the best decision I made prior to my arrival to Copenhagen!

    I relocated from Canada to Denmark for a job and was told it might be a challenge to find an apartment. This was definitely an understanding, as it was close to impossible to find something within my price rage in the timeframe that I needed it. I had looked into apartments myself for 2 months, unsuccessfully. Thankfully, I found Helle’s website and she had found me an amazing apartment, within budget, in one week! She has great contacts in the real estate market and access to apartments you would never find n your own.

    She helped me move from my temporary AirBNB apartment and set up my internet, electricity and everything else I needed ? She also gave me some tips on living in Copenhagen- which were very useful, especially as a foreigner.

    Thanks to Helle, I had a smooth transition from Montreal to Copenhagen, with little stress. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a place to live in Copenhagen! I also recommended her to my new employer whenever foreigners are looking to come here to work!


  • Joe and Suzanne siger:

    When we knew our family of four would be moving to Denmark from Sri Lanka this year, my husband and I started looking for housing right away, but were quickly overwhelmed by the online search. It was difficult to figure out which area to live in and how best to contact landlords, especially from a distance. Some of my husband’s new colleagues happily recommended Helle and passed along her contact details. Right away we Skyped with her, and she proved to be warm, friendly, professional and extremely astute about our needs. From day 1 she began sending us links to possible housing and offered to attend open houses on our behalf ahead of our move.

    With two small children in tow, finding housing and settling in quickly was a high priority for us. Helle had a handful viewings scheduled for us just the day after our arrival. The very first day of looking we found a stunning apartment in our budget that we loved, but decided to keep looking while we got to know the city a bit better. Helle scheduled several viewings for us just a few days later, at a time that was convenient for the children and myself. When we saw a particularly great place, she even swung by my husband’s office to pick him up for a quick viewing. There is just no way we could have managed this kind of efficiency and expediency on our own.

    Helle took our comments and wish list into account when scheduling viewings, and adapted her selections accordingly. We liked every place we saw, and we also felt that every place she showed was a place that she would choose for herself, if she were in our shoes. It made the decision very tough. In fact, we got as far as making a final decision to rent one lovely apartment, but expressed some misgivings about whether the area was quite right for us. The next day Helle directed us to one last listing in an area we loved. The apartment turned out to be fantastic and totally perfect, and we moved in just last week, only a month after our arrival.

    Besides arranging viewings, Helle provided us with essential information about schools, transport, furniture shopping, and most importantly the best bakery in town! She negotiated rents, leases and helped us with all the details and issues that arise when moving into a new place. There was a deeply personal aspect to her services as well, for example, when picking me up for viewings she played a board game with my son while I tended to the baby, and kept my son’s heavy car seat installed in her car for a week to save me from having to lug it back and forth for our viewings. Amazing!

    We are so grateful to Helle for making this the easiest and smoothest transition we could possibly have hoped for. We highly and heartily recommend her essential services to anyone relocating to Copenhagen, or moving within the city.

    Suzanne and Joe

  • Roger, Kellie and Asa siger:

    Working with Helle has been a fantastic experience for our entire family. Not only did she take care in finding us a wonderful home here in Copenhagen, but she’s consistently gone above and beyond to help us feel comfortable and settle into the city.

    With Helle’s help, we signed a lease within two weeks of our arrival in Denmark. She gave us a very clear sense of the housing market here, as well as helpful details on the merits of specific neighborhoods.

    From the first day we met her, Helle put an incredible amount of thought and energy into the time we’ve spent together. She’s given us valuable hints on just about every aspect of life in Denmark. She’s accompanied us on a school visit for our son. And she’s even taken our family to stores and restaurants she thought we might like.

    Helle definitely listens to your needs, finds what you’re looking for and negotiates on your behalf – but what she does is so much more than that. She’s warm, caring and funny, more like a friend. She’s made the transition from the United States to Denmark very enjoyable – and so much easier – for our whole family.

  • Alice and Leo siger:

    I would recommend Helle to anyone looking to find a place to live in Copenhagen. She helped us to find a wonderful family house, taking away all the stress and making the experience enjoyable.
    She took the time to understand our needs and find the right place for us. We have always found her to be efficient, helpful, thoughtful and considerate.
    Alice and Leo

  • Marcus siger:

    We moved to Copenhagen in March because I was going to start a business for my German employer here. Soon we had to learn that searching for a furnished home in Copenhagen is not very easy when you are limited to a few certain areas where you wish to live. Soon we decided that it would be better to get some professional support after screening all available real estate websites without any results at all and we luckily found Helle’s FINDYOURHOME. Helle quickly understood what we are searching for and her network of landlords is simply amazing. She even showed us apartments weeks before they were advertised and so it only took us a few weeks to find our amazing new home right in the center of Copenhagen. On top of that Helle showed us all the beautiful places in Copenhagen and recommended us tons of great restaurants. Overall Helle’s service is something we can highly recommend when you’re moving to Copenhagen. It was such a great experience!

  • Alessio B. siger:

    Helle is a gentle person and a fantastic professional. When I ask her to help me out in finding a suitable apartment, she immediately understood my needs and in less than 48 hours she managed to make me visit 5 different options.
    She drove me around with her car and her flexibility and kindness were much appreciated (she works also on Sunday if necessary). After only 3 days Helle managed to reach an agreement with the landlord of one of the apartment we had visited… and thanks to her the final price was lower than the one asked by the owner. In a week I had a signed contract for my new apartment!
    I definitely recommend Helle to anyone who is looking for a flat/house in Copenhagen. She is truly trustworthy and reliable! 5 stars!

  • Dimitris siger:

    I would like to thank Helle for her invaluable assistance to find an apartment when I moved to Copenhagen! Not only did she show me all types of places until I understood the market and what I was looking for, but she did this in the most friendly, encouraging, professional and calming manner possible. Once I had made a decision she helped me with revising the contract and highlighted the areas of attention, and helped me with all administrative aspects until I moved in. Helle really took a big burden of my arrival to a new city.
    She is great! I strongly recommend her services! (Thanks a lot Helle!)
    Your favorite client ? to my favorite agent!

  • Marian Hodgkin siger:

    Myself, my husband and our two daughters have just moved to Copenhagen for my new job. My employer does not provided support for the move, but working with Helle has made the process low-stress and enjoyable! Very soon after contacting Helle, she helped us decide on the best neighbourhoods in the city for us to live and identified multiple apartment options – all from a distance. We fell in love with one, and she was able to secure it for us. She helped us immensely with all the documentation needed to rent officially, without us having to travel to Denmark which was hugely helpful.

    Not only has Helle helped us find our perfect first Danish home, but she has also helped us to find our feet in our first weeks in the city. Helle has showed us around our new area, has accompanied us to navigate the complicated Danish bureaucracy and even helped us set up our wifi! She has also helped us to understand the Danish school and nursery system, and has made contacts and research on our behalf.

    Working with Helle and FindYourHome.dk was the best decision we made when moving to this new city. She has been warm, accommodating, quick and proactive throughout and we couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.

    Marian Hodgkin

  • Tim W. siger:

    Last December I decided to change my work location from Germany to Denmark – with only one month to find a new place to live in Copenhagen, I stumbled across Helle’s website. After a short call with Helle, I knew she would be the perfect person to help me getting what I was looking for. She was very professional, knew the industry and was really well connected.
    After only a few days (even across Christmas) Helle presented some great apartments and invited me for a full day tour in Copenhagen to see 7 different apartments – incl. pick up and perfectly scheduled timeline. I choose one perfect apartment immediately…
    Helle even negotiated on my behalf to reduce the rent and walked me through the entire rental contract process. Helle was genuinely interested in making sure I was comfortable.

    I would highly recommend Helle as she made my apartment search so much smoother and opened some apartment doors I wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

    Thank you so much Helle!”

    Best regards,

  • Kristian Rude, Kainos WorkSmart siger:

    Helle have helped me to find great homes for my employees coming to Denmark 3 times the last 18 months. I really like work with Helle, she pragmatic, very service minded and very very good in locating the right home for the right person and within budget. And on top: Occasionally, you will have an issue, don’t worry, Helle is still there to support you. I can highly recommend Helle and I do not have the fantasy to imagine that there is anybody out there better than Helle.

    Kristian Rude
    Kainos WorkSmart

  • Marina siger:

    I had a wonderful experience with Helle.
    I moved to Copenhagen to work, and even during my interviews people were telling me how hard it is to find a place here. I then started browsing the web, and witnessed how all the good options disappear within minutes. So I decided to find an agent to help me.
    Helle was great, she carefully reviewed my requirements and found me a very nice apartment very quickly. Working with her felt personal, like I am a friend, not another client in a pipe.
    I will definitely recommend Helle to anyone looking for that one perfect place.

  • Tamara & Pepijn siger:

    As fresh graduates, it is a big investment to hire an agent to find your home. But if the agent is Helle, we would definitely recommend it.

    Helle is a kind and friendly woman, who understands the market and understands our wishes.
    It was nice to have some apartment viewings via Facetime and we had a really nice trip to Copenhagen with Helle. She drove us to many apartments and had great planning (I dare to say that even in my home country I cannot make a planning with so many viewings by myself).

    At the end of the trip, we really understood what we could get for our money and made a great choice. We have chosen a wonderful apartment, which was not listed on any website (including boligportal.dk), so also Helle’s connections pay off.

    Thanks to Helle, we got a fantastic apartment at a brilliant location, with a standard leasing contract for a fair price. We have made a very good decision by hiring Helle.

    Thank you!
    Tamara & Pepijn

  • Christina and Rhys siger:

    Helle‘s help was invaluable in helping us find our first home in Denmark and making us feel settled so quickly.

    She was very helpful from the start and gave us great suggestions on where we could consider living. She found properties we would not have been able to find on our own and led the negotiations with prospective landlords.
    We were very impressed that she had over 6 properties lined up for us to see on our first Monday in Copenhagen. She provided very helpful practical information also.
    So instead of being a stressful time searching for a property, it was actually fun!

    Even once we had found the property we liked, she helped us a lot with understanding the rental contract and specific provisions contained within.

    Helle really went over and above to help us and it was a real joy working with her. We have already recommended her to some friends who are moving to Denmark also!

    Mange tak Helle!

    Christina and Rhys

  • Irena siger:

    I heard a lot that finding an apartment it quite challenging in Copenhagen but with Helle this process was smooth and simple. She found very quickly a good option for me, showed me everything and as I were not able to see it before my arrival she took care of all necessary details. When I arrived everything was like on the pictures and videos and Helle supported upon arrival as well. Couldn’t imagine to have a better support and service that I get from Helle.

  • Jennifer Roberts siger:

    One of my biggest worries about my move to Copenhagen was finding an apartment. Information online about the Copenhagen housing market added to my worries and so I approached the task with some anxiety. Fortunately a colleague had referred me to Helle – and for that I’m eternally grateful. Helle quickly responded to my emails, listened to what I was looking for in an apartment, took into account the kind of neighbourhoods I wanted to live in and also took into account my personality (and interests) when suggesting apartments. I didn’t have a lot of time to look for an apartment, but Helle was extremely efficient and lined up more than 10 apartments for viewing in a day. All of the apartments she’d chosen reflected my tastes, were within the budget range given (as I also needed to know what was available in my price range) and were attractive options. As we moved around the city, Helle introduced me to the different neighbourhoods and gave me lots of practical information about life in Copenhagen. It was also very useful for me to get a good idea of what kinds of apartments were available and to manage my expectations! Although we had a tight schedule the day didn’t feel too difficult as Helle had anticipated the need for water and some healthy snacks. At the end of the day we saw the apartment that I eventually chose to rent. At this point, Helle took over assisting with the finalization of the lease contract. I cannot speak highly enough about her professionalism, knowledge of the rental market and expertise. Thank you to “Find Your Home” for helping me to find my Copenhagen home.

  • Pascal siger:

    Moving from one country to another can be quite difficult and stressful, on top of that finding an apartment in Copenhagen is not an easy task.
    Thanks to Helle the entire process was really smooth and fast. After only few weeks she found the perfect apartment for me.

    I highly recommend her services.


  • Julius siger:

    I am very happy I stumbled upon FindYourHome website. After making an inquiry I was quickly contacted by Helle who helped me all the way through the process.

    I had very little time to find my new home in Copenhagen before I start my new job. And to make things more complicated, I had to do it from a foreign country. But with Helle’s connections and expertise, it took only a few days to find a cosy, according to my needs apartment in the heart of Copenhagen for a very competitive price.

    I felt very comfortable knowing that I can reach Helle at any time, and she even managed to arrange a moving in inspection on Sunday evening just after my plane landed in Denmark.

    I would definitely recommend FindYourHome.dk to anyone who wants to make finding a new home in Copenhagen from dreadful experience into a pleasant adventure.

  • Rituraj siger:

    I stumbled upon Helle’s website after endlessly trying my luck on various housing portals. She quickly responded to my email and called me right after. To my surprise, the very next day she took me to view a house. Now here is a thing about Helle, until and unless she isn’t convinced whether the apartment is right for your needs, she would never impose or talk you into renting it. And as a girl, this came very handy for me. She noted down the possible problems with the apartments and locality, which I in my adrenaline rush could not pay attention to. After patiently listening to my observations, she honestly gave her opinion as well, due to this I never ended up renting an apartment in an hurry. She is smart, honest and damn good at her job. Her services are impeccable and tailored to your needs and budget. She is also one of the best realtor in town, and I can say this confidently because she found me a beautiful apartment, which I gladly now call home. I would recommend Helle to anyone who like me is finding hard to search for an apartment on their own. I personally think she is great and would be a right choice for you as well.


  • Maria siger:

    Helles personliga engagemang i sitt jobb och goda kontaktnät i Köpenhamn var till mycket stor hjälp när vi skulle flytta med tre barn till ett nytt land! Vi kände att vi var i mycket trygga händer, och det var värt varenda krona. Helle var alltid lätt att få kontakt med och svarade snabbt på både mail och telefon, och vi kände oss väldigt prioriterade och ivaratagna. Vi rekommenderar Helle varmt till andra.

  • Vlastimir siger:

    When I came to Copenhagen with my wife, we rented an apartment through AirBnB for 5 weeks, hoping to find an adequate apartment within this time. However, working till 5 p.m. it was very hard to do. A colleague of mine, gave me contact with Helle, and suddenly situation with searching apartment changed into my favour. Helle was so efficient and effective, and we found nice apartment in a very good district of Copenhagen. Without Helle’s help, this would’t be possible. The whole process of searching, looking, visiting of apartments, as well administrative issues elated to apartment were done in a very exceptional and professional way.
    Once more, Thank you very, very much Helle.

    Small advice to expats who will come to Copenhagen: If you read this, try to contact Helle in advance (before your arrival to DK), in order to find apartment very quick upon your arrival to Denmark. Don’t believe in stories about various agencies which could find you an apartment. It could take very long. Advertisement on the web is one thing, but reality what I experienced with Helle is completely different thing – efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism, which resulted in complete customer satisfaction.

  • Domenico and Nicole siger:

    We recently moved to Copenhagen and Helle helped us finding a flat. Her service was impeccable. Not only she organized plenty of visits to house and flats, but she also helped us in finding a nursery for our daughter, setting up the utility contracts, setting up the wifi etc.

    Through her help we were able to save so much time and effort, she made everything so easy!

  • Susanne siger:

    Det har været en kæmpe hjælp at have Helle med på mit hold midt i boligjunglen i København. Som tilflytter er mine kontakter i København meget begrænsede, men med Helles hjælp blev boligjagten pludselig en overskuelig og effektiv proces! Helle har fingeren på “boligpulsen” og står desuden til rådighed med kyndig vejledning og gode råd når der er brug for det. Alt i alt har min oplevelse været en kæmpe succes og jeg kan kun give mine varmeste anbefalinger.


  • Florin and Andreea siger:

    Dear Helle

    Thanks again for the good service, customer focus, trust, availability and
    professionalism. We cannot think that finding a home in Denmark could have
    been easier than working together with you and receive your help.

    Florin and Andreea

  • Leana and Volker siger:

    Our experience with Helle has been great. She really understood what we were looking for and responded to our requests. Helle was able to provide context to the housing market, helping us appreciate what we could realistically get for our budget. She drove us back and forth to house visits, which was very helpful as we did not have transportation. It was important to her that we be 100% sure and excited about our final choice, which we really appreciated. And when it came to signing paperwork and understanding what was required administratively, she took time to go through everything with us, in English. We can happily and wholeheartedly recommend her.
    Leana and Volker

  • Samah siger:

    It was a lovely experience having Helle help us find our new home in Copenhagen. She took the time to understand what our family was looking for in a home and made a great effort in shortlisting properties that matched. She was proactive, efficient, generous with her time and always showed a high level of professionalism. She was also very helpful during our move and provided us with much needed information in regards to all aspects of moving. I would highly recommend Helle to all new comers to Copenhagen.


  • Christian siger:

    As a person moving to Denmark and not knowing how things work, it was truly a blessing to find Helle and have her to handle my case of finding an apartment.

    I had tried on my own to search the market without receiving any answers from the landlords. With Helle’s help I got the apartment that I really wanted and she was able to negotiate the terms better for me.

    In addition to her handling things professionally, she is also a very pleasant woman to associate with. I can recommend Helle and her services for anyone feeling lost in the rental jungle in Copenhagen area.

  • Bule siger:

    I relocated to Denmark from South Africa with my family in February this year. It was our first international move and 3 weeks after our arrival, the country went to a lockdown. Helle, was such an amazing help and negotiated a better rate at the short term apartment we were staying. Helle, continuously checked up on us and continued with her efforts to find us a home. It gave me peace of mind to know that she was managing our search for the perfect home.

    Helle’s industry knowledge and network ensured that we got the best home at the best price!

    Tak Helle.

  • Nick siger:

    Dear Helle

    I hope you are well!! It has been such a long time and we continually think of how lucky we were to have had you helping us out when we arrived.

    Now we have been here a while we really know how much work you do and how little we knew!!!

    Take care and wishing you all the best.


  • Edwina siger:

    Working with Helle to find our apartment in Copenhagen was a fantastic experience. From the first contact via email before moving to Denmark, Helle was extremely quick to respond, highly professional, dedicated, and very warm and reassuring throughout the whole process. We were in regular contact, and things moved very quickly. Helle made everything run smoothly with finding a place to live. With her friendly and kind personality, Helle was a delight to work with. Finding a place to live in Copenhagen seemed very daunting before finding Helle, and with her help we were able to find a great place to land. It felt as though we already had a friend in Denmark, and someone to support us through an international move. Her support with the administrative aspects, and navigating the process of finding a place to live when we did not speak the language was invaluable. I felt completely confident with Helle, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a place to live in Copenhagen. Thank you so much Helle! We could not have done it without you.

  • Aritra siger:

    Finding a home in Copenhagen is always a tricky business. But it’s because of Helle, that we have been able to get an apartment on rent, very close to our workplace. And of course, the apartment is beautiful and the rent is within our budget. I emailed Helle in October and within a month we were not only able to scan through multiple options, but also fix a deal with the landlord. Because of Helle’s prompt email replies and her extraordinary effort to communicate every single detail from the landlord to the consumer, going through the lease contract has been very smooth. Every single detail of the contract was explained to us with utmost clarity. This speaks volumes about her commitment to the job. As a person, Helle is extremely warm, welcoming, professional and a cheerful person. I highly recommend her if anyone is looking for a nice place to live in Copenhagen.
    Thank you very much,

  • Bill Clay and Jia Mei YI siger:

    It is my pleasure to recommend the relocation services of Helle Gade Henrichsen. Helle was attentive to our needs and paid attention to detail. Moving in the midst of the pandemic was no easy task but working with Helle made the process painless. With one advance house hunting trip to Copenhagen we were able to continue working with her online to conduct virtual home tours. She was able to find us a beautiful apartment within our price range and close to the amenities that we wanted. Helle guided us through negotiating the lease and assisted us with local government registration. Being able to arrive in the country and move directly into an apartment made the relocation process a lot less stressful than it otherwise would have been.

    Bill Clay and Jia Mei YI

  • Tal siger:

    Thanks to Helle we found a place that we absolutely love. We would not have found it without her, since she has a very wide network and many connections. So she can find places that we couldn’t reach on our own. Communication was easy, and she was fast, responsive, and immediately set out to look for a place for us. She used her deep knowledge of the market and the city to make great recommendations around things we hadn’t thought of, and was super supportive and helpful even after we had signed the contract. I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for a place to live in the Copenhagen area!

  • David and Emily siger:

    We recently relocated to Copenhagen from the United States. We had never moved internationally, and the process was a bit overwhelming, particularly finding a place to live that fit with our lifestyle and needs. Helle was recommended to us as having the depth of experience to help with situations that could be challenging, not only with language barriers but also learning the housing market in Copenhagen. She had “insider” knowledge that we needed to connect us to the right people and the right apartment for us. We could have never found our apartment without her insight and negotiation skills, and could not have otherwise landed this perfect apartment. We provided her with some ideas of what we were looking for, and she took them to heart and was honest with us about what was possible and what was not possible. We really appreciated her honesty and she helped us set appropriate expectations. The end result was that we found exactly what we were looking for that actually exceeded our expectations! Tak Helle; thank you so much for your help!

  • Casandra and Ricardo siger:

    We’re so glad we decided to work with Helle. She was great from beginning to end, made sure she understood what we were looking for, gave us great recommendations, and went above and beyond to ensure that we got a place that we felt comfortable with.
    Moving to a new country can be very stressful, and finding a place that checks all your boxes (especially when you don’t speak the language) is definitely challenging, but thanks to Helle, all we had to worry about was making sure we loved our new apartment, which we absolutely do. We are so grateful we found her.

  • Rafa and Raquel siger:

    Helle has helped my boyfriend and I to find the perfect place to live in CPH. We were looking for a very specific apartment with a lot of conditions and she found the most amazing apartment we could imagine within our budget. She contacted the landlord and negotiated the price and she even visited the apartments as we were still working in our country. We trust in her judgement and she did not fail! Helle is a nice and pleasant woman that understood completely what we needed. She helped us with the contract (she explained/translated us all the points…) and everything we asked for, also with different tips from CPH and Denmark. She did a really nice job and we appreciate it. With her help everything has been much easier and avoided a lot of headaches. We would take the same decision if we needed again. 200% recommended. Rafa and Raquel

  • Ken Mitchell siger:

    Like any person, I found moving to a foreign country stressful and confusing. Findyourhome.dk helped reduce this.
    I was looking for a fully furnished apartment near the train line. I searched the website but could find nothing suitable and the language barrier made this more difficult.
    Within a short time of enlisting Findyourhome.dk, Helle had found an excellent place, perfect for my needs. She acted as my agent in Denmark, video calling me to show me the street in which it was located and also the apartment interior.
    She scrutinised the rental agreement and gave me an English version for approval. She ensured that my interests were protected. I am delighted to recommend Helle and Findyourhome.dk and have recommended her to my colleagues.
    ken mitchell

  • Guido siger:

    This was the second time that Helle helped me finding a new place.
    The same as the first time, her services were just perfect and she found me a place like I wished I could find it.
    If in the future I will have to find another place in Copenhagen, Helle will be the one I will ask for professional assistance.
    100% recommended

  • Roz siger:

    I was so delighted that Helle was recommended to me when searching for a place to live in Copenhagen. I contacted Helle with only a few day’s notice and she responded kindly and professionally. We had a chat about what I was looking for over video call before I arrived and she made me feel comfortable and supported in finding an appropriate place to live.

    Helle organised for me to view a selection of apartments, all of which were amazing and would be wonderful places to live. Helle clearly has built up strong contacts across the city that trust her. Helle accompanied me on each visit and showed patience and care whilst I discussed the pros and cons of each place.

    Helle does not place any pressure to choose somewhere and will keep searching until a client is happy.

    Helle then organised my contracts and translated them for me. I felt very confident in understanding what I was committing to.

    Most of all, Helle is delightful, kind and super company. She made searching for a place to live fun and enjoyable! I ultimately found a dream apartment by the canal and am very grateful to Helle.

    Thank you!

  • Carlotta siger:

    Even if I was already living in Copenhagen, I knew the struggle of finding an apartment as an expat. Helle was highly recommended to me from friends and colleagues, and I could not have been more happier to have received such wonderful advice. Helle not only is super kind and outgoing, but she also understood my needs and what I was looking for right away, and helped me wonderfully during a time when the rental market was a nightmare. She came with me to showings, and once she found the perfect apartment for me, she dealt with the negotiations for the price, translated the whole contract for me and even provided suggestions for the electricity companies and the like. She’s truly the to-go support to have when relocating in Copenhagen, whether from abroad or within the city itself. She is super responsive and helpful, and most of all, she never makes you feel like you’re just another client or another signature on a contract, but she ensures you truly are heard and feel content. I could not recommend her more! Five stars, and thank you again!

  • Milan siger:

    I have been living in Copenhagen for the past five years while studying – mostly in student dorms and in other people’s apartments. When I got my first proper job and faced the prospect of having to find an apartment all by myself, I immediately got nervous and worried. The housing situation in Copenhagen is oftentimes very difficult to navigate, especially for a non-Dane, and one can very easily spend lots of time, effort, and money without getting anything in return.

    Luckily for me, my new employers put me in touch with Helle.

    With Helle by my side, every step of the process was easy and enjoyable. She took all of my apartment needs into account, sent me multiple listings a day, came with me to apartment viewings, and offered great advice along the way. I almost wanted to move in to the first apartment that we saw, simply because it was available soon – but Helle told me not to go for it, due to the high rent and small size. To me, this shows that she really puts her clients and their needs front and center, and will help them find their perfect property – not just something that will do. This feeling was also confirmed through the interactions that we had – the phone calls, emails, and meetings – all of which reassured me that I was in good hands with Helle when it came to looking for an apartment.

    Eventually, after not too long, we did indeed manage to find the perfect apartment – something that fit into my budget, at a great location, with a wonderful layout, and with everything I needed for this new stage of my life. Helle did not stop there, however: not only did she manage to secure the property for me, she also talked the real estate agency into not charging me three months’ prepaid rent, which left me with more funds to spend on furnishing the apartment. I did not even know that was possible to do! When moving day comes, I am certain that Helle will be there to answer all of my questions and help me reach out to electricity providers and the like.

    Honestly, I cannot recommend Helle enough; it’s safe to say I have no idea what I would do without her when it came to finding my new home in Copenhagen. I have told all my friends about her, and will certainly advise them to contact her if they ever need to move within Denmark. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, Helle! I really appreciate it; you’re a lifesaver ^_^

  • Judith & Guy siger:

    We are a family of five who came to Denmark for a year and needed help to find a furnished home. A complicated task in the real estate market in Copenhagen. Helle was recommended in a facebook page of people who are moving to Denmark. We called her and asked for her assistance. She worked with us for six weeks looking for the best places for us, understanding our specific needs and scanned the market for us. In the end we found a great place in a perfect location, close to the school and pretty close to work. The fact that Helle knew the realtors of the other properties helped close the deal and of course the knowledge of the language and the local market helped as well.
    We highly recommend Helle!
    Judith & Guy

  • Carlotta siger:

    When it was time for me to move for the fourth time in Copenhagen, I did not hesitate to contact Helle, as she had been instrumental in helping me find an apartment the previous year. Once again, she was a true champion: she liaised on my behalf with all landlords and rental agencies, came with me to the viewings, and supported me through all the details of negotiating and translating the final rental contract, also ensuring it was fair. She was always available for a chat and, most of all, she has a wonderful sense of humor and cheerfulness that make these stressful moments much easier! You can be sure that, by working with her, she will be on your side always and will strive to find the perfect solution for you. I could not recommend her more!


  • Kristine siger:

    Helle has a long experience in helping expat families in finding a home in Copenhagen. We needed a family flat within certain criteria and she immediately started to scan the marked and made appointments on our behalf. As we were not in the country ourselves, she was our ears and eyes in the market. We could not have found our home in Denmark without her.

  • Etelle siger:

    Helle was amazing. I cannot recommend her enough. She took great care of me and my family, organizing over a dozen visits of a really great, pre-curated selection of homes. Basically, she took very seriously all our criteria and didn’t waste a minute of our time on homes that didn’t match our criteria. She honed right in on options that actually were pretty much all a great fit for us. Moreover, she was kind, patient, thoughtful, trustworthy, punctual, organized, and informative. You can count on her to truly listen to you, advise you on all aspects of finding a home, and even pick you up to take you around to homes and neighborhoods while explaining what resources are available in each area, such as schools etc. She is a gem – if you are moving to Copenhagen and trying to find a dream home, you can’t do better than Helle!”

  • Uldis siger:

    Appreciate Helle’s great support in finding apartment matching my criteria in terms of location, apartment design, and price – highly recommend using the services of FindYourHome!

    Best regards,


  • Helle siger:

    ‘I am a South African expat living in Copenhagen for 5 years. Having gone through the painful task of finding a place on my own 2 years ago, I was panic-stricken just thinking of having to do it again given that I had had only managed to secure a 2 year lease 2 years ago and about to be in stage zero again! A fellow expat colleague of mine, upon hearing of my predicament, suggested I enlist Helle, the agent he had used upon moving to Cph from Germany and couldn’t stop praising her for ensuring a move as seamless as the recent Danish transition of Crown from Mother to Son. I immediately signed up for the same, albeit dubious whether such a solution did exist. I won’t deny my initial scepticism…but now I get to write this while sitting in my dream home, and well both Helle and I get the last laugh 😃 The home that Helle found me ticked all the boxes (which was more a pie in the sky list with no expectation that it’d all be ticked). Not only was she a credible intermediary between myself and the landlord to ‘be chosen’, but post that, was an impressive force with regard to scrutinizing the proposed contract, negotiating on behalf for anything that was not reasonable as well as ensuring I am aware of my rights as a tenant in a situation where I’m entering into an unlimited lease. Helle was even prepared to be there with me on the day of key handover which happened to be Christmas!!!

    The Danish rental market is crazy – I’ve heard this from both locals and foreigners alike and have experienced it on my own. I have gone months after several messages of interest being left sans response on rental portals. Upon hearing of my woes, my Danish friends offered to post on my half. Now I don’t want to assume the worst, but as is human nature, the bias to one’s own is unconscious, and likely an ‘Umeshree Govender’ in their inboxes does not ignite familiarity. My current landlord, upon handing over the key said that she’d gotten over 80 responses in 2 hours, many of whom were offering dubious things in order to get first in line but, she happened to like me and here we are. I do believe that had it not been for Helle as the catalyst, I would have not gotten the audience with the landlord to make any impression.

    Thank you Helle. I will be recommending you to all expat friends going forward 😊’

  • Kostas Arapogiannis siger:

    Helle was extremely helpfull and caring.
    At first we had an open discussion on my search criteria, budget and preferences.
    From there she came back to me with some options that one of them turned out to be the appartment that i was looking for.

    She was really helpfull with taking a look on the contract and providing advice over it.
    It is a really nice feeling as an expat, to have a danish person look out for you, and advise you against any possible pitfalls.

    Thank you Helle for helping me navigate this maze.

  • Lucy siger:

    Helle found me an amazing flat which I love! As an international and new to Copenhagen I definitely wouldn’t have been able to find a lovely flat with typical Danish charm like the one she found me through her network of connections. It was only the second flat she showed me, so I didn’t waste time searching, she organised viewings with landlords before anyone else could view, negotiated for extra storage space, reviewed my lease and supported me setting up utilities. The flat was also in the area I wanted and came in under budget, so her services have definitely been good value. I really trusted her advice and she was very pleasant to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to move to a new home in Copenhagen. Thank you Helle!

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