Company history

My business has a grown out of the experience of meeting some now good friends, and a desire to meet new people and to be of help to them.

When a couple from Canada came to settle in Denmark, I helped them through the process and discovered the difference that I made for them and how much they appreciated having someone to guide them.

Besides locating the right accommodation for them, I helped with the many tasks that must be done when moving to a foreign country.  I felt in the process that my work – both the logistic side and the way I was able to support them – was very much appreciated.

I have years of experience with a professional business background, knowledge about the housing market, and a strong desire to help.  And being very practical, I can find solutions to almost any problem.  Most importantly, after having lived in another country for several years, I personally understand the challenges that arise when you have to settle in a new place. I look forward to being able to help you find your new home here in Denmark!

The vision

It is my vision to create a company where professionalism goes hand in hand with genuine empathy for other people’s needs and wants – a business where flexibility and responsibility are offered to customers at a reasonable and competitive price. has been established as a small company because I believe that this will enable me to best provide the services that are vital for my clients … and to do this with flexibility, empathy and dedicated professionalism.