Find Your Home in Copenhagen

How it works

We start with a conversation about your wishes for your new home, including the type of neighbourhood, the size of the home and your budget. Then I research all the available properties that match your criteria.
Unlike many agencies, I am able to show you all available properties whether they are listed by agencies or privately by local people.

This means that you have the widest range of properties to choose from. And because I take no commissions, you can be assured that my only interest is to find you the best option for your needs. After selecting the best of those homes and arranging appointments with you to see them, I will pick you up and drive you to the viewings.* Along the way, I will tell you about the different neighbourhoods and what they have to offer. And I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have along the way. Discussing your impressions of the properties will help me to learn what you like and to find the best options. It is normal to come with ideas based on what you knew at home and as you learn about the possibilities here, your vision and expectations may change. I can advise you about options to consider and share my advice about which properties may be best for you and why. There is no pressure to rush the search process … my goal is to help you find the right home and that can take time. Once we have found the home you love, I will review the contract for you (by law it is in Danish) and help you with all the paperwork. I want you to get the best deal possible and to ensure that your interests are protected.

Optional services

Each person’s needs and circumstances are unique so you may require additional help. These are some of the optional services I can offer you:

– Help with doing all the paperwork to become registered in the Danish system (a social security card and NEMID), obtaining a driver’s license, bank account, etc.

– Assistance in finding a family doctor, dentist, etc.

– Help in buying a car, getting insurance, obtaining a phone plan, t.v. and internet services, etc.

– Guidance in finding the right kindergarten/school and help in completing the registration process

– Assistance for finding where to buy groceries, furniture, appliances, etc. and if needed, help in making those purchases

– Research and information about different sport/recreation options


The pricing for the Core Service includes unlimited assistance (as previously described) until you find a home you are happy with. The fee is calculated according to your housing budget so that my services are accessible to every budget. After our initial discussion, I will send a quote based on your requirements.

Optional services, if desired, are calculated individually according to each client’s needs.

As mentioned earlier, I do not accept commissions from anyone because I feel strongly about being completely free to serve and protect the interests of my clients and their needs. When you work with me, you can rest assured that I’m on your team!